What’s SOBRIETY means after all these years of going the distance.

Today, it’s May 17th, and as I look back on all the years of comments and shares I’ve realized that this site has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people around the globe.

I thank the Almighty for His gift that He has put upon me to be a guide in this journey. Without His assistance and guidance, my world would have come crashing down years ago. Now that I’m in my 15th year of recovery with 14.6 years of sobriety I can truly say it’s been an unbelievable ride. – Not that I’m done by any stretch.

What God has shown me over the years is how He handles all the little things in my life which amounts to everything. For example, this year I was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. – I don’t recommend it as an “Off the Shelf” purchase, you be better off in jail and having to wait for a parol date. For me, it’s been a blessing in disguise. Some of you might wonder why I could even have such a notion. Read on and I’ll explain why.

Back in my active days of addiction, I had no conscious, no cares as to what or to whom I was hurting. It was all about the “What’s in it for me clause” Today…Whoa – I can’t even believe the amount of goodness that God has bestowed upon me. From the ability to share my feelings to the hobby that ignites my heart every day I participate. It’s all LOVE. It’s all GOD. I’ve been thoroughly blessed. I know now that there are no walls that hold me back from anything. I can do and excel in everything.

My recovery has been the saving grace of more than just me. My wife, my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle all benefitted from it. It is truly the gift that keeps on Giving. Papa, thank you for your GRACE on me and everyone else you helped. Let those who find you rejoice in a life well-lived.

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  1. I was so happy to see this page still here and not “404”. Oct 2006 is the first time I went into an SAA room, G-d willing in 3 days I will have 5 years of consecutive sexual sobriety, 10 years to put together 5. I am using all of the skills the 12 step fellowship and literature has taught me. Sobriety to me means I get to have a life, it means that I am not living unconsciously and/or numb. I was usually both. Today I can be of service to myself as well as others. I have learned how to listen deeper and speak less. Sobriety has saved my marriage of now 23 years, it has allowed my boys who were 6 and nearly 3 when I first walked into the choir room to become incredible men, of which I hope I have really broken the generational cycle of dysfunction and addiction. Sobriety is the most precious gift that I have to give away every day to keep it. Sobriety is the gratitude that was so hard for me to recognize, let alone appreciate. Sobriety in short is freedom.

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