The Ten Most Important Things I’m Grateful For…

First and foremost I’m grateful for my relationship with my Higher Power whose gift of guidance leads me through each day. Next I’m grateful for my recovery, without which I would not even be alive to write these words. Third, I’m grateful for my life which God has spared, in order for me to do His will. Fourth, I am grateful for my wife, whose ever tender love and care warms my heart. Fifth, I am grateful for my health. Sixth, I am grateful for my wealth which shows up as God’s wisdom. Seventh, I am grateful for my “kids” and their ever lasting playfulness and unconditional love. Eighth, I am grateful for my house which is my castle and keeps me safe. Ninth, I am grateful for my job which brings security to my life and, Tenth, I am grateful for my friends and family which make me smile inside. These are the gifts and miracles that I celebrate each and every day as a reminder of my recovery. Thank you Papa for your love and support.

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  1. First I am grateful for my higher power which has brought me this far and has allowed me to get where I am today. Second I am grateful for my sponsor who has been there for me no matter what, even when I was acting out, even when I am not working my steps and even when I am doing what I need to do, and who always sees in me what I do not see in myself. Third I am grateful for my other sponsors that I have had along the way that have taught me things about me and the program that have helped me and that I will never forget. Fourth I am grateful for my treatment center that got me to realize that it is ok to be me, that I can have healthy relationships and that I do not need to live my life in fear! Fifth I am grateful for my therapist who continues to show me the way to have healthy relationships and who helps me work through the issues of my past so that I might have a better future. Sixth I am grateful for my friends who are there for me if I need them. Seventh I am grateful for my family who supports me and who is standing by me. Eight I am grateful for my home which I love. Ninth I am grateful for my financial security, it has been rough but I am close to coming out of a rough patch. And last but not least, I am grateful for my best friend Lobo who has been there for me all the time. She loves me unconditionally. And even though I neglected her at times during my active addiction, I am making my amends to her by making sure that I never do that again because she is always there for me and brings a smile to my face whenever I see her.

  2. I don’t have a list of ten, I have one big one, I am grateful I am ALIVE. My addict wants me dead and if I won’t die she sure as hell wants me in as much pain as possible emotionally, mentally and physically.

    Now that I am getting a clearer picture that, yes I am among the living, how am I going to choose to live my life? In gratitude, as best as I can anyway. I have spent so much of my life in the negative, I used to pretend I was a cup as a half full kind of person, but then life and people and myself really just beat me down to going into that negative place. Once I fell into that hole, my addiction, like any good parasite and a whole bunch to feed on.

    I am grateful I am alive because I am learning that I am a worthwhile person that has a whole lot to contribute in the world. (God’s plan, not mine) I am contributing as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, coworker, Sunday school teacher, and a Sex Addict. As crazy as this sounds, I know that my journey, while quite the crazy ride, my journey will help me to help someone else that has had a crazier and more painful ride. And if their time in addiction was not too bad I can use my experience to share with them that it does not have to go all the way to the basement. I have not yet hit the basement but my bottom has hit me hard enough that I am, “Willing to go to any length, NO MATTER WHAT!”

    I am grateful that I found these rooms and that I am alive and willing to be a recovering sex addict.

  3. Ten Things I am Grateful For

    I always remember my sponsor saying, “The closer you are to gratitude, the further away you are from acting out.” Gratitude is a great tool of the program. Sometimes, my ego wants me to not be grateful and it is difficult to express my gratitude. In any case, here are my top 10:

    1. This program-Without this program, I don’t think I could have stopped acting out
    2. My higher power-my sponsor had to help me redefine my higher power so I could be grateful to it.
    3. My sponsor-without John S who always brings great wisdom even from difficult things
    4. My partner-the one who I have hurt many times with my acting out yet is there to forgive
    5. My family-they are so accepting and they love me regardless of my flaws
    6. My friends-now that I am living in Fort Lauderdale, most of them are far away but they are always close in my heart
    7. My freedom to choose-on any given day, I can choose to have a lousy day or a great day. It is really up to me
    8. Regained self-confidence-I always was able to find my personal flaws. I beat myself up because I was a bad person. This program has brought back to me self-confidence (not to be confused with ego).
    9. My job-while I have difficulty getting up and going sometimes, I am very lucky to have a good job with people who trust in me.
    10. My life-This addiction well could have killed me. When I was acting out, I had no life. I spent money, constantly lied, and had no self-confidence. I now have my life back.

    Whew! You don’t realize how difficult it is to come up with ten things until you do it. And sometimes we forget all the great stuff in our lives.

  4. 10 things I’m grateful for

    1. My sobriety-without it, I lose everything else

    2. Having friends and sponsor who helps me in my recovery

    3. Commitment to my program of abstinence

    4. Wife and Kids wanting my time

    5. Having friends who play with me

    6. Having work companions who help me accomplish tasks every day.

    7. Waking up every day eager to accomplish something

    8. Having a safe living condition

    9. Having the health to feel good every day

    10. Having my parents watch me grow as a person

    11. Remembering to have gratitude for what I have.

  5. November 24, 2008 tomorrow I am going to get into a car with my mother for a ten hour road trip. I don’t have the best attitude about this trip, but it was suggested to me that I write gratitude about my mother. Well I am not going to do that here but it reminded me that this post was here and I did not sit down and put in words what I have gratitude for. I think that it is EXTREMELY important for all addicts to keep right in the front of their mind what/who they are grateful for.
    1. I am grateful that my higher power is no longer a yellow rubber duck that I yell at in the morning when I am getting ready for work. Today I have a fledging relationship with a very real higher power that loves me unconditionally and gives me strength and hope just to get through each day.

    2. My husband, he frustrates the hell out of me, as I am sure I do to him, but like my higher power he loves me unconditionally and NO man has ever done that before.

    3. My sons, what gifts children are. Man I could go on for hundreds and hundreds of words about my kids, but I can say without a doubt being a Mom has saved my life.

    4. The twelve step recovery rooms, SAA, SLAA and AA. 18 years ago I went to my first AA meeting and used that old rubber duck to stay sober. Today the men and very few women in SAA have given me a hope I did not think I would ever have.

    5. Fellowship in SAA… my brothers in recovery. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to sit in a room full of men and not want to use them. I guess to a degree I do use them for my sobriety but not in the ways that I used to use men. And they help me to learn healthy boundaries with men outside the rooms of SAA.

    6. My sponsor, I had to go to a different program to find a woman sex addict but she has been amazing and the more I hang around, the more women I find and realize I am not so special in my addiction.

    7. Quiet time, I used to HATE the quiet. I had to always be busy, always do something, and always have loud head banging music (literally). Today my favorite time is my half hour ride to work sitting in my car alone in silence.

    8. The beach, I am so grateful to have lived near the beach my entire life. There is something about the waves lapping up against the shore and the vastness of the ocean that brings my life back into perspective.

    9. Friends, I have been lucky I have lost very few friends to this disease. One was my best girlfriend of 27 years, but if I had to lose her to keep my husband and sons, I will deal with the pain of her going away. I have also been very lucky that at 39 years old most of my friendships are just about 20 years old. I love my old friends but I am learning to cherish and enjoy my new friends as well, and I am learning that other women are not as evil as I have had them made out to be all these years.

    10. ME, I am grateful for me. My higher power created me for some amazing purpose. And that purpose continues to change. Naturally or by dysfunction of family of origin stuff I am a care taker and for a very long time I took in many “strays” and cared for them until they could care for themselves. I am now learning to care for myself, to give myself the oxygen mask first. One of the greatest gifts this program has given me is slowly by slowly the gift of self-love.

  6. I figured tonight I would do a gratitude list so here it goes:

    1. My recovery.
    2. My Higher Power who has not let me down yet.
    3. My sponsor (who has also not let me down yet.)
    4. My dog Lobo who is my constant companion and best friend.
    5. My health and ability to keep my health.
    6. My security
    7. My mother for all of the help and support that she has given me and continues to give me.
    8. My father for all the help and support that he gave me and actually still gives me.
    9. My brother Barry for all the help and support that he gives me.
    10. My sister Nancy for all the help and support that she gives me.

  7. The ten most important things I am grateful for are

    1. My Higher Power for giving me the courage to change.

    2. The 12 Step Program and its founders for showing me the way to a healthier life.

    3. My sponsor for giving me the support, guidance and encouragement to keep moving forward.

    4. The unconditional regard and wisdom of my fellow travelers on this great journey of recovery and discovery.

    5. My therapist for knowing when to listen and when to challenge me.

    6. The practice of meditation which gives me peace, love and strength by connecting with the divine universal spirit.

    7. A renewed ability to recapture a childlike awe and joy in the beauty of life.

    8. My family and friends who, although they do not know of my addiction, have been steadfast in their love me.

    9. My wife, who I have hurt so badly, for all the love and support she has given me over the years.

    10. My health which has given me the ability to do most anything without hardship, even as I get older and it takes longer to recover physically.

  8. I have not found a topic that is hitting home with me tonight so I decided to do a gratitude list based on where I am right now. I have so much to be grateful for. Right now the 10 most important things I am grateful for are:

    1. My 4 years in sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

    2. My almost 8 months in sobriety from my inner circle behaviors.

    3. Having computer access at home since the beginning of July and not feeling any obsessions or compulsions to act out and only using it as a tool.

    4. Having patience today and not being impulsive.

    5. Trusting. Specifically trusting my Higher Power. But just plain more trusting.

    6. My sponsor who is always there for me.

    7. My therapist who always helps me see things about myself that I cannot see.

    8. My new friends that appreciate me as a friend as much as I appreciate them.

    9. My trainer and doctor who have helped me towards my fitness goals and helped me change my life.

    10. And no gratitude list would be complete without listing my best friend – Lobo – who is always by my side, loving me unconditionally.

  9. 1. Discovery
    2. Coming to SAA
    3. My wife staying with me and supporting me.
    4. Discovery of a slip and acting out again.
    5. After several acting out actions my wife, though still with me, put serious consequences on any repeated acting out episodes.
    6. An emotional collapse where despair was evident.
    7. An episode of being vulnerable that was treated with compassion and safety
    8. A sponsor that appointed himself as my new sponsor.
    9. The change that came with despair, vulnerability, compliance, hope and action.
    10. The way of life I am now experiencing.

    Now, I have many other things that I am grateful for but each and every one of them would have eventually been gone without the above items. Without even one of these items I would not have the life and the dreams that I now have. I would not have the security that being vulnerable provides. So, while I am grateful for my possessions, none of them give me the satisfaction and removal of fear that these give me. My double life is gone because of these items, including discovery as odd as that seems.

  10. You know, I have had a pretty rough few weeks (in my head) and I was sitting in my meeting tonight listening to someone share about something happening to them that was pretty bad and I realized that I have it pretty good. Yes, I get sad and I know things could be better, BUT, I have a lot to be grateful for. So I thought tonight would be a good time to share about what I have to be grateful for….

    1. My recovery, being in the program and the people that are around me to help me.
    2. My Higher Power who takes care of me – WHEN I LET HIM. I need to remember to let him.
    3. My sponsor that is always there to help me when I really need it.
    4. My sponsees who help me by allowing me to help them and who sometimes help me through ways that they do not even realize.
    5. My two dogs that make me feel loved and never alone.
    6. My health and ability to do the things that I have been able to do and lose the weight that I have been able to do.
    7. My security and the ability to be ok right now while I am out of work.
    8. My hope to know that everything will be ok and that there is a great future for me as long as I do what I need to do today and each day.
    9. My family who supports me and loves me.
    10. My friends who care about me – I may not have a lot of friends, but I am grateful for the ones that I do have that care about me.

  11. The ten things I am most grateful for is a list that my sponsor has been trying to get me to think about. I have had a hard time with this, as I am typically a negative person. It is much easier for me to come up with ten things I hate. That is sad. Well since this is the exercise today, here goes:

    1) My life – even though the past has been a source of great pain and bitterness, I have survived and become the person I am today. All in all, I have a lot to be thankful about.

    2) Being a father – Nothing has brought me greater joy than raising my own daughter and watching her grow into a young woman. Closeness with my father was something that was never to be, which has made the closeness I feel with my child that much more special.

    3) The love of my family and friends – If addiction has taught me anything, it is that this is perhaps the most prized gift in my life. The prospect of losing these people has helped to focus me on my recovery.

    4) Sobriety – I will not have either of the first three items or peace in my life without staying sober.

    5) My profession – My self-employment allows me to take care of myself and my family from the comfort of my own home.

    6) The fellowship of the program – Without which I would not be able to maintain my sobriety.

    7) A desire to connect with a higher power – The prodigal son has returned. After years of bitterness toward the church and organized religion, I have finally realized that no man should come between me and my interpretation of God.

    8) The taming of my anger – The ability to not live my life in constant rage has changed everything, including the way I view the possibilities of the future.

    9) The Ocean – A place that has always brought me serenity, joy, and laughter, and is often a visual substitute for my higher power.

    10) My sponsor – A man I barely know, yet through kindness and understanding he has taught me more about myself and the scope of this struggle than I could ever have discovered on my own.

    Thank God for all of these things.

  12. Great topic for fighting negative self-talk!

    1) My H.P. for showing me my defects of character and my addiction, my denial, lying and the pain I caused myself and others.

    2) The wonderful people who help me process these insights and find health and happiness – my therapists, my sponsor, my girlfriend, who through confronting me, helps me see the dark consequences of my addictions and the stark painfulness of my behaviors.

    3) My children and grandchildren. Their understanding and love is the joy of my life.

    4) My girlfriend for sticking with me in spite of the pain I have caused her.

    5) My health – It has taken me so long to find the dark sides of my character and my false beliefs, that I need good health to give me the time I need to recover!

    6. My job – for giving me the opportunity to have some security in spite of the frequent screw ups throughout my life. And for giving me the freedom to sort it all out.

    7. My friends, whose loyalty and support warms my heart and strengthens my resolve.

    8. My present home and my future home, both of which have given me happiness and comfort.

    9. The opportunity God has given me to live in a place that I love, near the ocean that gives me peace.

    10. The opportunity to create a new life, based on honesty, faith, compassion and truth. It’s a wonderful surprise I thought I’d ever have.

  13. Here are the 10 most important things I am grateful for:
    1. My recovery
    2. My Higher Power and how He has taken care of me
    3. My sponsor
    4. My dogs who are my best friends and companions
    5. My mother who has helped me these past 5 years
    6. My older brother
    7. My health and fitness and the ability to do what I am able to do
    8. My friends that care about me as much as I care about them
    9. A roof over my head and clothes on my back
    10. All my dreams coming true

  14. The ten most important things I am grateful for today: 1) I am grateful for and to my Higher Power (who has revealed himself to me as God) for never leaving or abandoning me to sex addiction, but who, instead, rescued me in my most desparate hour and got me back into recovery; 2) I am grateful for that over 75 years ago two low-bottom drunks found a way of recovery and life (AA and the 12 Steps) that is, day-by-day, not only giving me my life back but giving me a blessed and prosperouse future; 3) I am grateful that almost 30 years ago a therapist suffering from sexual addiction sought out others like himself and created a fellowship of recovery founded on the priciniples and program of Alcoholics Anonymous that has brought me recovery, hope and serenity; 4) I am grateful for the loving and supportive community of recovery (SAA of South Florida) that was waiting for me when I hit bottom in my sexual addiction and desparately needed help, guidance and acceptance; 5) I am thankful for the new friends and brothers and sisters in recovery I have in my life today who through their experience, strength and hope teach and guide in me in the way of recovery and life and in the their failures and weaknesses teach me humility, compassion and acceptance;
    6) I am grateful for the job God provided for me over 7 years ago knowing, in his infinite wisdom, that when I came into recovery and began making financial amends it would provide all that I needed to live and prosper; 7) I am grateful for being blessed to live in Florida where daily I am able to partake of the warmth and sunlight that nourishes me – body and soul; 8) I am grateful for the people I met along this journey of life, addiction, discovery and recovery who reminded me both through their words and actions that, whether I am able to see it or not, the world is magic; 9) I am thankful for my past (now this is progress) for, as the promise says, “…no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our past can help others.” I now have a past that, for all it’s terror, danger, malice, failure and brokenness, can help others with similar experiences; 10) Last, but most certainly not least, I am grateful for sex addiction…without it I would never have know the depth of relationship with my God and the absolute dependence I have on him today.
    Truly, I am blessed far more than ever I could have imagined.

  15. I am grateful for:

    1.) Being Alive
    2.) Grace
    3.) GOD not giving up on me
    4.) My Mother not giving up on me
    5.) My Father not giving up on me
    6.) My Sister not giving up on me
    7.) Recovery working me
    8.) The fellowship embracing me
    9.) My Sponsors helping me
    10.) God’s Gift of Sobriety

  16. A grateful list. What a perfect way to start my day as I embark on the next journey of my new life. I’m going home!
    I am grateful ever so much for my higher power. Without you father none of this would be possible. You are my guiding light and my strength and love comes from you. Thy will be done
    I am so grateful to my support of my wife her love and acceptance and understanding has been without conditions. I love you Debbie
    I am grateful to my sponsor. He is always there for me wherever I am and whatever I do he loves and supports me without question
    I am grateful to my therapist. Tara you have been a rock for me never judging only helping with care and love
    I am grateful for my children. They are upset with me now because of the disease and what I have done but I know they love me and I am going to be with them soon
    I am grateful to my close friend Lamond. I know you will help and take care of the things for me which I cannot do. I love you like or more than a brother
    I am grateful for my recovery and sobriety. My father you have helped me so much to free myself from my addiction and to begin life anew
    I am grateful for my business and my staff without them we would be hurting financially but because of their love for us we are thriving and able to live without financial worry
    I am grateful to my fur babies. Their love is unconditional and they are far away from me right now but I know they love me as I them
    I am grateful for life thank you father because without you I would be dead.
    I am grateful for everything in my life!

  17. The most important things to me, at this point are:
    1) recognizing what was causing my life to be out of control
    2) finding the SAA group
    3) having a husband that is trying to be supportive and understanding
    4) knowing that I can bring this obsession/compulsion under control.

    • 5) My sobriety-without it, I would lose everything else

      6) Having friends & a sponsor who is helping me in my recovery

      7) A Husband that is wanting my time and is not giving up on me

      8) Waking up every day eager to accomplish something, especially working on my emotional/mental/physical health

      9) Having a safe and conducive to loving home condition

      10) Having my an extended family that loves me and treats me with dignity and respect

      11) Remembering to have gratitude for what I have.

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