The God Factor

When I hear the word God…a lot of thoughts go through my head. In this program I’ve come to believe in a Higher Power or God of my own understanding. I have no religious connection to this God or Higher Power. What I have is a spiritual connection with this essence. I fondly call my God or Higher Power “Papa”. When I think of him in a visual sense I think of Morgan Freedman in the movie, “Bruce Almighty.” It works for me and we’ve had long conversations to back this up. It says in the SAA program that our recovery is directly related to our spiritual connection. I know this spiritual connection is what drives me on a daily basis. There are tools that I use on a regular basis that deepen my connection, one is by praying and reflection. Each night I recite the ten most important things I am grateful for as I lie in bed. The second process is that I journal. Journaling creates a direct connection to my Higher Power. Its He that I speak to in my journal. I can tell Him anything and if I listen closely He puts answers I need to hear all around me. They could take the form of someone else speaking to me or seeing an article in a magazine that applies to what I was troubled over. It makes me feel warm inside that I know that my Higher Power loves me unconditionally and does not judge me. That He is accepting and available when I need to talk to Him. Most importantly is the fact that He is with me 24/7/365, day or night. Thank you Papa.

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  1. The God Factor – This is something that I took for granted when I first came into recovery. It was not until I worked the 3rd step that I really understood what my Higher Power was all about and started to grasp my spirituality. Today I live in the 3rd step everyday. I try to turn my life over to my Higher Power everyday. I ask Him to keep me sober one more day. That is all I ask for each day. I know that left to my own devices I act out, I use drugs, I isolate, I withdraw from society. However, with the help of my Higher Power and others around me I can work the program and as a result my life has continued to improve over the past two years. Mind you, it is not perfect. There are still bumps in the road and there are still areas where I wish it were better. However, it is 200% better than it was before. And that is because I am working a spiritual program. I need to remember this. This actually helps me tonight because once again I was stuck in my head and not realizing how things are better. Thank you.

  2. The God Factor – For me It is my Higher Power. When I first came into recovery I breezed through Step 3 and thought I “had” it. But I didn’t. It took a year and half of more pain for me to realize that I was not working a good program and had no Higher Power in my life. Then I started the steps over and really worked a solid 3rd step. It is at that time that I started to really grasp the idea of my Higher Power and how He works in my life. Since then He has never let me down. Yes, there have been times when probably I have let Him down, but He has never let me down. They say when you drift away from your Higher Power it is you who has changed addresses, not Him. I guess that is how it has been for me over the past few weeks. I lost contact a little bit because I was all out of sync with my schedule. But I am happy to say that I have reconnected this week and I am back on track. I have been praying everyday and am starting to feel that presence again that I always have. Not feeling alone and feeling like as long as I do what I need to do, everything is going to be ok. For a little bit there I was getting depressed and lonely. It is amazing how quickly these feelings can go away and hope and positive feelings can come around when I just let my Higher Power back into my life. So I guess I should keep Him there next time and really work harder at it. Lesson to be learned. I am happy today that I am back on track. For me the God Factor is the # 1 Factor for my recovery .

  3. When I am trying hard in my recovery I am meditating once a day and also taking long walks. This gives me time to reflect on my gratitude list and on how I want to live my life. Presently, I have not given my recovery enough time. Meditating and walking has been pushed to the side, so I can work more. I feel myself slipping. I am less connected to my recovery. When I am walking and meditating, I am connecting more with my God.

  4. When I first started in Recovery, I was skeptical of the God thing and afraid that I would not fit in because of it. But, I read the pamphlets, listened to the readings in the rooms, read the big green book, and listened to other members talk about their experiences with with God or a Higher Power of their understanding. I learned that I was free to accept a Higher Power of my understanding. I went back to my interest in studying religions of the world, the various conceptualizations of God, and the many ways cultures and religions have of communicating with God or being connected to a Higher Power. I started meditating every morning. Meditating has become a daily exercise for my spirituality. Just as I exercise my body by stretching, push ups, sit ups and taking brisk walks; and exercise my mind by talking to others in recovery or by reading books on recovery, the exercise of meditation has helped my spiritual conditioning. In the process I am learning to let go and be present. The more that I remind myself that I am a spiritual being the less I see life as a struggle and the more I see it as a gift to be enjoyed.

  5. when I first got into 12 step recovery, all that talk of god scared me. then I realised it says,god of our own understanding.this I could handle. today I think of my higher power as a spiritual force, not as a being.I dont talk about my higher power a lot because its a personal thing. I know my god is always with me,no matter if im doing the next right thing or the next wrong higher power will love me, even when I dont love myself.

  6. As I started my program I didn’t understand how it was that God or my Higher Power which ever it is that I believe in was going to help me. As I’ve gotten into my program and started journaling, I’ve become closer to my HP and understand that he has been with me all along but I have CHOSEN not to listen to him until now. Now that I have begun to talk with him and listen to him the confusing in my life is beginning to come into focus. So many different facets of my life have become so much better….and my HP is always there… I’m beginning to realize that more and more

  7. god–now that is a word that has stuck in my throat for many years of my life–i have gone back and forth believing, not believing in god–today i call myself an agnostic—-someone who remains open to the idea of there being a god. i like the idea of embracing the mystery of what/who god is–it think that god isn’t something we can ever grasp–like the idea of infinity–when i came into this program the whole spirituality/god thing was very problematic for me–i have a real aversion to organized religion and an intense disdain for the catholic church–so even going near these topics was very uncomfortable for me–i am now working my second step and all of this is head on with me–i am confronting this and the idea of there being a higher power in my life–the more i work this program and stay in it, the more i can not deny that, right now anyway, my higher power is this program. the love and acceptance i have received from my brothers and sisters in this program is my spiritual experience. when i think about this program, i realize that people put it together, wrote the green book, got it going, etc. when i think about these pioneers i realize that all that is good, lofty, loving, divine and inspired in mankind is what made this program what it is–this is god-like to me. this program makes me reach down inside of me and find the god, find god, find all that is god, in me. the second step says that we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity–it is the step of hope—i believe that the god in me reared her head and got my sorry ass to the meetings–i believe that the program personifies and embodies god and is the collective power greater than myself that is healing me–i love this program for allowing me my own belief system and for embracing us all–in gratitude–janine

  8. I have slipped and fallen. I choose not to cry but to ask my Loving Father for His forgiveness and for the forgiveness from those I love that I have hurt, among them myself. Our motto is from shame to grace. I am working on spiritual progress.

    Thanks for reading.

  9. The God Factor- I came to this program with a different experience with The God thing than most people I have heard share. I had an understanding of God or believed in the same God I now believe in. I did not know I had to turn my will and lives over to him, and him alone and trust him. The God of my understanding is just as real to me as the you who are reading this comment. I talk to him daily, all day. He is so personal to me until he has a name. God is to formal for our relationship. God is who he is, but when he became personal to me he took on a name to me as well. I am grateful to this program and all 12-steps programs for given me an chance to find a God of my understanding, one that works for me. His name is Jehovah and his Son is named Jesus. This is my God family.

  10. I recently returned from the most spiritual trip of my life. I had the honor of delivering many of my Brother’s and Sister’s prayers, messages, thoughts, etc, to what is for me one of the most spiritual places on earth, Jerusalem’s Western Wall. The experience was unlike past visits in that my conscience contact with G-d is much closer and deeper after 7 months of hard work in SAA.
    At last nights meeting Step 3 was discussed, turning your will and your life over to G-d, as you understand G-d.
    Through the tools I’ve picked up and learned to use, I know I have to make every effort to turn over to G-d my will and my life. (The alternative is to return my soul and meet Him face to Face; dying is something I’m not ready to do.)
    It doesn’t mean I sit idly by waiting for G-d to take care of my responsibilities, it means I prepare as best I can for today. G-d helps those who help themselves. In that way when I’m faced with triggers, urges, desires, thoughts or life’s unexpected challenges, I pull out my tool belt and go to work to keep myself in check and on the Path. I do this with the knowledge that G-d is there with me when I ask for courage, strength and guidance.
    It hasn’t been easy to give up control, but every time I’ve done it I’ve found a new freedom from the chains of bondage of this disease and a new inner peace allowing me a higher spiritual connection with G-d.
    G-d thank you for the blessings you’ve bestowed upon me today; my Life, my Wife, my Children, my Sponsor and my Fellows in SAA. Amen

  11. For me, the idea of God was first a Catholic God, then a rejection of that God, and becoming atheistic for many years. Realizing that something was lacking brought me back to neutral, and I recognized something higher than me and my understanding was at work. Some power that moved in my life, trying to teach me something very important. His methods were often tough, and I had a tough noggin, that easily rejected anything beyond my senses. Yet, when I started to understand what I see and hear and smell and touch is not really the truth of life, but only my ego’s interpretation of it, then I recognized that what is real is what is invisible.

    I now accept that there is an benevolent power that wants to help me to learn lessons from this life, something so important, that it can’t be grasped until I totally change my life to be in tune with it. There is something so much more important than what happens to me, or by me, and that it is the will of a Higher Power working through me.

    I work every day on letting this Power communicate with me, never directly, but from subtle hints or lessons that appear, through this program, through my readings, through any source. It all boils down for me to keeping myself aware, that there are beneficial messages being left for me everywhere, as long as I keep my heart open to it. It is changing a dismal life into a worthwhile one.

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