“Recovery” Is A Verb, Not A Noun

The one thing I’ve learned in all these years is that the word, RECOVERY is not a NOUN, it’s a VERB. Recovery is an action word. It means action. The point from where you are to the point of where you want to be. Recovery takes effort, not a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday type of effort. Rather a 24 / 7 effort. If your awake. Effort is needed. If your asleep you only get a reprieve until you wake the next day. The truth is we addicts aren’t the same as common folk. We’re addicts, through and through. So effort is needed to do the work that is needed to keep our heads above water. Willingness is the next ingredient, without it, you’ll never go anywhere. Ask all the addicts that still are on the lamb. They’ll be the first to tell you they gave up and didn’t have the willingness to go forward to do the work necessary to reach their goals.

I like to say that the people I know with any time in sobriety had the ingredients to bake the cake of success. They were willing to go to any length for their recovery. Just like a wild cat in the woods will do anything to survive in the wild. So must I put my recovery first in all areas of my life. As it says in the AA Big Book in “How it Works”, we must follow these principles in all of our affairs.

2 thoughts on ““Recovery” Is A Verb, Not A Noun

  1. Thanks for the reminder that this is a program of action. I often have to remind myself of the importance to think with my feet; which means going to meetings or making calls when I would much rather be kicked back watching TV or engaged in some other activity than recovery. Lately, taking action has included setting my alarm for 6:30 a.m., which means that I can attend a dynamite SAA meeting at 7:30 during the week.

  2. Struggling with willingness right now. Overwhelmed with job and family. I always put myself second, but I can’t afford to do that right now with my program. Feeling very raw with work I’m doing in therapy. But feeling very hopeful too.

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