Internet…Friend or Foe

One of the toughest areas to wade through is the internet. While it is truly one of mankind’s greatest gifts, it has had negative consequences for many. I think it is so amazing that we could build such an educational tool. I also know the harsh reality of its dark sides. I too, was caught up in its pornographic waters. Thankfully, I have learned that while I have a strong spiritual connection I can swim with its sharks. I do not have to choose such sites that can erode my inner soul. This is the greatest tool given to mankind since the invention of the light bulb. Some people get caught up in the bubble of their disease and end up browsing aimlessly through a sea of perversion. Not because they wanted too, but rather because this disease is so cunning and powerful that they felt unable to stop their desires to view pornography or chat. At times like this the tool becomes a weapon and can rip the very fiber of integrity right from its foundation. Once bitten by the internet bug, most fall prey to its dark sides very quickly whether they are spending time on chat sites or personal ads. Its appeal to allow us to remain anonymous has most sex addicts addicted after just a few sessions. The allure of its images cast a spell over our ability to rationalize between fantasy and reality. Therefore this great tool can never fulfill its truest potential. However, there is one power that can assist us as we chart out our course, that one power is God, may you find God now and have Him surf along side of you to keep your journey safe. It’s up to each of us to choose our existence with the internet, for surely the internet is here to stay.

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  1. “The allure of its images cast a spell over our ability to rationalize between fantasy and reality.” – That is a powerful statement. I could not separate fantasy and reality when it came to the internet. And I am so close to going back there at any minute that I have to protect myself at all times from it by working my three circles and my program every day so that I do not fall prey to my disease. I thank my higher power that I have over 4 months from my internet behaviors. That is a miracle. I know that someday soon I may have to tackle needing to have internet on a more regular basis and I hope that day is later rather than sooner. I hope that I am prepared for such a day through the work I have done in this program and through the support of my higher power and the fellowship and the steps. Today I am safe and today I feel good. I will worry about tomorrow tomorrow. I am grateful today to be where I am and to have these 4 months.

  2. THE INTERNET… a gateway to an unlimited amount of tremendous information and learning; BUT it is also a long dark hallway to destruction. It will dissolve every cell of your body until all there is left is absolutely nothing and then it will move on to its next victim. Victim’s which it can feed upon all at once.

    I can remember sliding down that long dark hallway with nothing to grab onto, and luckily enough I found a small handhold and pulled myself out. However; my addict saw an opportunity about 1 1/2 months ago and I started to slide again but I was tied off to some very powerful tools and was able to bring myself to safety.

    I am thankful for this day as I am sober and am adding tools to my toolbox everyday that will assist my HP in keeping me safe.

    I now utilize the internet as a learning tool heading down a wonderful path.

    Thank you HP and Thank you to my wonderful Sponsor who had provided me with a tremendous amount of insight to my addict and how to fight him.

  3. “Its appeal to allow us to remain anonymous has most sex addicts addicted after just a few sessions.” Right on! Except law enforcement and criminals know how to identify you by your unique internet protocol (IP) address. Busted! And yet my addiction blocked out that reality and fed the fantasy that I could look and text without consequences. There are always consequences to your soul and body when you watch porn. I found out first hand, but now that I am in recovery, I am a thousand times better. I miss my porn sometimes, but not the sexual dysfunction that went with it.

  4. Sometimes ‘surfing’ leads to ‘drowning’. I was certainly lost at sea: endless hours, dangerous websites, and a complete loss of moral structure, time, and reality.

    Today I can thank my HP (while I still figure out what that is for me), this program, the rooms, my sponsor, and the countless men and women who have propped me up since I began the long, slow road to recovery. Admittedly, I have slipped along the way. But today I am much stronger at avoiding the temptations and pitfalls that the internet provides.

    I try to imagine an alcoholic going about his day while working and living in a bar. Sounds cruel and tough, doesn’t it? Having the internet with all its possibilities just seconds away at almost any time of day is just as tough, but I am learning that I am tough too.

    To my 8-year-old daughter, the internet is a place where she can learn about exotic animals, distant planets, or play silly games. She has no concept (yet) of the dark and destructive world just around the corner, and I try to remind myself of that perspective. They say “you can’t put the genie back in the bottle”, but I am trying and learning one day at a time to enjoy the best uses of the internet that bring me closer to my HP – news, art, literature, music, connecting with family and friends, and so much more. It’s all out there and it’s within reach just as easily as the destructive behaviors.

  5. Well this is my first action on line with my new laptop computer. After having no computer at home for almost a year how fitting to go on line and post on this website as my first action. This is a nice way to “act in” (recovery) instead of acting out in addiction. I am glad that my sponsor made this suggestion. I am glad that I am always open to suggestions. I pray that I continue to be willing and open to suggestions. I pray that I use this laptop as a tool for anew beginning in my life. I am excited about what the future has for me and I know that if I misuse this tool what I will get. Higher Power – Be with me as you have been these past 6 months and I will do the footwork. Thank for you taking care of me and keeping me sober one more day.

  6. Internet – I am posting here again as a reminder to myself on using my computer in a healthy way. I am currently using my old laptop while my new one is serviced. And my old one has no parental controls on it. Therefore, I need to protect myself through my behaviors and healthy use of the computer and internet. I feel safer today than I have in the past. One reason is because of the work that I have done on a daily basis turning things over to my Higher Power and working my steps. But also another reason is because I have this blog on which I can post every night. I know that I can go here and it is a reminder of where I need to be. It is like a safe place on the internet. It has the same feeling to me as if I have just walked into a room of SAA. I feel that same security – that I am ok now, nothing can happen to me now. That is why I like to post each day. It keeps me safe. I will keep this short because this computer keeps moving the cursor around. So I will post and say good nite.

  7. Once again I find myself posting in this section. I have my computer back from being serviced and it is brand new again with a with a new hard drive. I am starting fresh so I am posting on this blog as the first thing I do with my once again new computer. I will post again tonight as I have been but I am keeping myself safe and honest by putting up this post now. Thank you for giving me this safety option

  8. Just got my new laptop *again* back from Best Buy. As I have been I am posting to the blog right away to keep my healthy behaviors fresh in my mind for use of this computer. I like to post to this topic because this is the most appropriate. I will of course post again at the end of the night as I have been to stay with my commitment. This is just an additional post of safety to remind me of how to use my new laptop. Thank you for allowing me to share this and for having this means to do this.

  9. I am thankful that the internet has not been a problem for me for quite a few years. Yet I still remember how I would stop into a chat room for “just a few minutes”, and find myself still there 5 or 10 hours later, sometimes only time to go to work, exhausted. The lure of the fantasy sex, the conquest of strangers, the unexpected meeting…so seductive, so easy…..and so terribly destructive to my soul, my life.

    Somehow, God gave me the strength to stop – and to replace my chat rooms and porn sites with the education and learning that the computer can also supply. I thank my H.P. for saving me, from that life, and guiding me to use the internet as a tool for a healthy and successful life.

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