Feelings Oh, Oh, Oh, Feelings

Feelings, uhhhh. Why do I need to feel? Can’t I just zone out and think about them later? This question was at the top of my list when I was in my addiction. Today, I welcome feelings into my life. Sobriety has afforded me the opportunity to sense things
I never knew existed. I was so good at burying my feelings that, when I first
began to feel after I first got sober, my sponsor had to explain to me what I
was experiencing. I was emotionally inept. Since those days, I now understand
when I’m overwhelmed, angry, sad, truly happy and many more. The best way for
me to describe feelings is to relate them to art. In my addiction, I saw the
world in black and white. Now in recovery and feeling feelings,
I see the world in all her glorious colors. I love my feelings and I am so
grateful for my sobriety. Today I even feel joy. Thank you Papa.

29 thoughts on “Feelings Oh, Oh, Oh, Feelings

  1. I have always been uncomfortable with feelings. My M.O. was to stuff my feelings through acting out. I did not want to feel anything. If I was overwhelmed, sad, angry, resentful, I did not know how to process the feelings so I just buried them through my addiction. Recovery is teaching me how to sit with my feelings. It is not always easy and comfortable. But it is something that I know I have to do. But you know what, when I get through, I have processed the feelings and I did not act out. Hey, what was that all about? Healthy behavior. I am still learning and growing and have to still talk to my sponsor when I have feelings that I don’t want to sit with. But I know what I need to do so I make the phone call and I try. Today I have a choice and I chose to feel.

  2. It always seems that we hear what we need to when we go to meetings and today I am reading what I need to on this blog. I have been coming to the S.A.A rooms for six months now, but have only managed to put one week together in sobriety. I think that it’s because of the overwhelming feelings. Every time I got to that ten day mark my feelings would put me in a tailspin and I would use/act out again. This week was different about day five I had a Niagara Falls of feelings (to the point of hyperventilating) and they did not kill me. I thought I was going to pass out but I didn’t pass out and obviously did not die either. I have been told by my sponsor and the loving brothers in this program that I am in withdrawal. I have also been told that I will make it to the other side of withdrawal if I just take my day one minute at a time one feeling at a time. Much easier said than done.

  3. I had to learn that the painful feelings would subside if I sat with them and that I didn’t have to numb them with acting out. On the other side there was a joy I never knew I could feel because I was so busy numbing all my feelings.

  4. Feelings… oh to feel the feelings. More withdrawal I reread my post from last May and I could have written it last night. I went to my home group last night (I really did not want to, but I did) and while I was there listening to a dear brother give his first step my rage and anger dissolved to tears, actually sobbing later on. As much as I HATE to cry in front of people especially men I was grateful that I have found a safe place to learn how to feel.

    I still struggle greatly with relapsing but I have “turned over” so many acting out behaviors I know that this one too will be taken away from me (I hope!). Thank you so much for this safe place to read and write when I am not able to be at a meeting or talk to fellows in recovery.

  5. I have not shared on feelings in a long time so why not tonight. I am not feeling well anyway so it seems apropos. Feelings were a big part of why I acted out. If I was feeling overwhelmed, I acted out. If I was feeling rejected or exclude, I acted out. If I was feeling judged, I acted out. If I was feeling exhausted and run down, I acted out. Basically, I acted out if I had any “Feelings” that I did not want to deal with. I acted out to numb out these feelings so that I would not have to feel them. Today I don’t have to do that anymore. Today I know that it is ok to feel feelings. Today I know that I can feel rejected, overwhelmed, judged, etc…. There are two big differences, however. The first is if I do feel any of these, they are not nearly at the level that they were before. They are simply a feeling that I might get, an acknowledgement of the situation that I am in, then I am able to sort it out and let it go most of the time. Because of the work that I have done in this program I know that a lot of what I used to take in and hold on to has nothing to do with me and therefore I don’t have to hold on to those negative feelings like I used to. I can feel what I need to feel that does in fact have to do with me, process it appropriately, then move on. And the second is, if I do feel any of these, I don’t act out over it!!!! Who’d have thunk it! I pray every day for one more day of sobriety and so far I have been able to make it this far. I pray that I will continue to make one day at a time and not have to act out for any reason because I know today that it is not worth anything and feelings are just feelings and it is ok to feel them.

  6. Wow, feelings. Mostly I still deal with feeling anger, well actually intense rage. But how I deal with it today is so different. Today, literally today not the vague present moment of recovery but today, Friday afternoon, I said the Serenity Prayer like a million times. Ok, it was more like ten but I said it. I made a phone call to a brother in recovery and he suggested I say a gratitude list out loud. Sadly enough I was only able to generate about 20 thoughts. Then I made another phone call this time to another woman in recovery and my HP is a smart character. Making that second call helped dissolve all the anger and resentments that I had from this morning. So 21 on my list of things to be grateful for…. the tools in this program including the phone.

  7. In the Godfather, there was a scene where a singer is crying to Don Corleone that this agent won’t let him out of a contract. He starts to cry and the Don slaps him. “Be a man! Stop crying like a baby!” When my daddy died I was told that I was the man of the house now and I thought that meant that I shouldn’t cry either. So I kept emotions corked up for a long time about that. I once visited my father’s grave when I was in my twenties and I remember that I fell to my knees and let it all out that day. But emotions kept corked up for a long time have a way of not all getting out. In many ways those other emotions were there and acting out was my outlet for their release. One day at a time, my feelings are explored with my higher power as I seek His guidance and love.

  8. Tonight I feel sad. It has been a quiet night. The gym earlier and some work at my desk. But I feel sad nonetheless. I think it is because there is so much change happening in my life. On the one hand I am excited about things that are happening in my life. I have things happening that I would never dreamed possible and that is only because of working this program. On the other hand I feel as though I am in a transition period. And this transition period has its ups and downs. I feel one chapter of my life coming to an end and another chapter starting. As a result I know that I need to be hyper vigilant with my program. I need to be sure to do what I am supposed to do on a daily and weekly basis to stay sober. I need to keep my program as consistent as possible in these upcoming times of change. But this topic is not about change, it is about feelings. And as long s I continue to work my program, then I know it is safe to feel whatever feelings that I have, be it sad, happy, hurt, or whatever I am. As long as I feel them and process them and then can move on I know I am ok. And just writing about them helps too.

  9. Last night and today were all about feelings, feelings that I had not had in a while. Sitting here now I feel much better. Looking back on the past 24 hours I can see where I let my feelings get the best of me. But at the same time, I am glad that I went through what I went through. Everything I experience is for a reason and I need to learn from it. Sometimes I think I move too fast and have too many expectations and as a result I get disappointments and then feelings that I don’t like. But I need to relax and just take thinks as they come and realize that everything is as it should be. There is nothing about me that is any different than it was 2 days ago when I felt great. Tonight we had a great meeting. The topic was Chapter One in our book about our addiction. It was a great reminder of where I came from and where I could easily go if I do not work my program. But it also added to some feelings that I have combined with the feelings that have come up as a result of working my eighth step. I need to keep vigilant with my program and share about these feelings as I work through this step and work through these issues in my life so that I continue to move forward with my recovery and not backward. I like how things are going. I know my life is changing and there are going to be some difficult transitions along the way which may bring up some feelings I don’t like. But the result is going to be great. A continued journey of recovery that I hope to be on as long as I keep doing what I am doing and my Higher Power takes care of me.

  10. A couple stories about feelings.

    1. My father explained to me early on that if I could get my customer/opponent etc using their feelings while I remained using my intellect, I would win every time.

    2. A therapist early in my AA sobriety asked me how I felt about a particular issue. I began my answer with the words “I think”. He stopped me and had me begin again using the words “I feel”. After three tries I finally gave up and said “I guess I just don’t feel”. He said we finally agreed on something but that was changeable.

    3. I have always believed that a feeling begins as a thought and the feeling is how one reacts emotionally to that thought. I have spent years trying to convince others that their feeling was not appropriate because the underlying thought was wrong. While that still makes sense to me, ironically I now have feelings that seem unfounded based on the underlying facts!

    Today, many years later and relatively new in SAA recovery, I have found that it is changeable but also painful. As I peel back the layers, much like an onion, the layers change back and forth from sensitive to tough. I’m not sure what the core is yet but I’m pushing the envelope on the way there.

  11. Feelings – In my active addiction I did whatever I could to numb them out. I did not want to feel anything. If I felt scared, worried, insecure, inadequate, overwhelmed, anything, I would do whatever I could to not feel. It usually involved sex and eventually involved sex and drugs. Luckily today I can feel my feelings more and not have to turn to these two addictions. But I am not perfect and I am still an addict. And I am still working through my steps and still working on some issues. So I recently took a trip to where I used to live and was blindsided by feelings that I did not expect to get. Luckily I did not act out as a result, However, I did reach out to food to try to numb my feelings. Yes, this is better than acting out, but it is not good because it was still a way of trying to not feel what I was feeling. Luckily I was able to stop it after only a few days. And luckily not much damage was done. But it did not feel good. The good news is I learned something from it. And I believe that as long as something is learned then it happened for a reason. I learned that my life up north is over. That is no longer my world. My life is here in S. Florida. Coming to that realization was huge and it made me feel good. It makes things a lot easier for me. Also I learned that I still have work to do with dealing with my emotions. And I need to have more of a plan in place next time I take a trip. But I came back and talked about what happened with my sponsor, therapist, doctor and trainer because I want people to know what I did to help hold myself accountable so that it does not happen again. And with the help of others and with the help of my Higher Power, I pray that I grow from this experience and move forward in my recovery.

  12. Anger! Uncontrollable anger!

    Anger at the world, at religion, at government, and at mankind, and at times myself. Today I know where my rage comes from, thanks to hours and hours of therapy. However that does not mean I know how to control it.

    Rage is with me all the time. Boiling like a pot on the stove. It only takes one little shove for me to explode, and burn down anything or anyone in my way (often including my own family due to proximity).

    This is the feeling I sought to ease through acting out. The relief was fleeting at best, and this led me to the addictive cycle we all fall into. Like any addict, eventually I needed more and more acting out to cope, and ultimately my tolerance to my drug of choice built to a point where it did not soothe me. My life became one of continuous acting out with no relief. Then my anger became directed at those preventing me from my acting out, and ultimately at myself for being so weak. Anger from having to lie, and even more anger when my lies were not believed. Torturing everyone around me.

    Today the anger is less, due to the love of my wife, who has given me one more chance. I do not want to cause her this pain anymore, and I know if I work the program I can keep it under wraps.

    I had built up about six to seven months of sobriety, and my wife noticed the change in my emotions (calm, no anger). Then I began to act out again and the anger and mean words returned. She noticed, she knew what it meant, I lied, and I made her crazy. I am angry at myself for that, but better to seek forgiveness and make amends than wallow in the feeling that brings me destruction and chaos.

    I was told yesterday that if I work the program properly, my wife will know, and if I do not, she will know that as well. I see that now, because that is exactly what happened the first time.

    I want to work the program so that once again she will know, but also so that I can feel that change in me and be released from these chains of anger.


  13. When it comes to feelings, I’ve always been a specialist. I felt depression, frustration and self-contempt. Pretty good knowing in advance how my day will go! I never connected these feelings with acting out, because the feelings became part of my “secret life”, separated from my “real” life. All that combo of horrible feelings and painful behavior (to me and others) became part of the whole collage of secret behaviors and false beliefs.

    Now, I can see that feelings are just that – feelings. Kipling said something like – “You will be visited by victory and failure. Treat both imposters the same.”
    Any feeling is an illusion. Welcome it like a movie, then deal with its disposal like any other used cinema ticket. My goal in this program is to live a life of truth and integrity – not to be a slave to whatever feelings may arise. Thanks to all of my mentors sent by my HP, and my HP, to get me this far on the road to recovery.

  14. Shame has been my addict’s favorite feeling. Shame will either show up as a memory of what I’ve done in the past or a new situation will arise that will set me off on the ‘Shame Game.’ I beat myself up about it and then I’ll want to isolate myself. In this isolation I used to ‘Act Out’ on the computer, or fantasize, or distract myself with food: anything to get away from that feeling of shame. And, surprise surprise, at the end of that I feel shame for doing that! What a perfect cycle to keep in motion.

    Thank you to this program I now I see the cycle. I have choice about it. This program has given me the tools to seek my Higher Power, to seek my Sponsor, to seek my Fellows, or even to seek Myself as a witness to the addict. I do find I sometimes seek food or the TV as a way to numb myself, yet this is a far cry from where I was.

    There is progress happening in my life. I am present to my old ways and I now have choice. It can be hard to make the right choice. It gets easier every time I choose the real Me.

  15. Tonight I want to share on feelings. I have not been consistent with my sharing lately and I am working on that. But one of the things that is going on for me is feeling my feelings. And I think that I have been getting caught up in them too much. I need to remember that they are just feelings. They it is ok to have my feelings. That in the past I avoided my feelings and did whatever I could to stuff them or numb them. Today it is ok to feel them no matter what they are good or bad. But the difference today is that I have tools from this program to help me process them or deal with them and that is the key. I need to take advantage of these tools. I am getting better at it but I need to be even better still. It is always a process and a journey for me and a lot of work. But I know that the result and continued outcome is always worth it. So for today, I am going to allow myself to feel my feelings and if they are feelings that I may not like, I need to remind myself that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone, or post or journal or pray. I also need to remember my life is truly blessed and I have a lot to be grateful for. So when I really stop to think about things I can very easily chase whatever blues I have away through gratitude. And that is just one of the tools that I have and a good one. Because in days past I would not have been able to do that and I would have spun out of control into my disease. Today I do not have to do that!

  16. I read all the comments and I wanted to share something tonight but the truth is I’m having a hard time collecting my thoughts so I will just type and see where it goes.

    I appreciate what everyone’s shared here… I think it all comes down to feelings really… either feeling them or avoiding them. In my addiction I sought to avoid them and in recovery I seek to feel them instead.

    In my own life, I learned at an early age that I didn’t like feeling uncomfortable, and it seems like I have always felt anxious or tense or any of the uncomfortable feelings like fear, anger, sadness, etc… all the time!

    I’m having a hard time, being new in recovery and not having a “drug” to use to numb myself out or to at least lessen the constant tension I feel from just living… family life, financial pressure, etc.

    I know there are positive things I could do like exercising, meditating, praying, being grateful and things like that and that’s what I am working on.

    It feels like I am trying to re-wire my brain and it’s so uncomfortable!

  17. My feelings were always covered up by my addiction. Perhaps they were suppressed or pushed into the atrophy of my mind. Maybe they were triggered into my moral unconsciousness and became an excuse to act out. Maybe I didn’t know how to describe my feelings or maybe I DIDN’T FEEL AT ALL? Feelings began to be recognized as I became honest. To understand and feel consciously with words to describe how I feel adds a richness to my life. It allows life to be perceived in color instead of black and white. My recognized and self described feelings becomes the basis of the reality of my actions. I’m so grateful to be able to feel again and to verbalize honestly how I feel.

    • I guess a big part of my addiction is to get to that place of euphoria to tune out my feelings for that moment of acting out. As I abstain from acting out, I begin to feel again. At times, the feelings drive me to the point of acting out. I have noticed that the tools of recovery help me cope with these feelings in a healthy way. I could share about my feelings at a meeting. I could journal about my day and write down my fears, resentments, and insecurities. I could check in with my sponsor when I am feeling squirrely. And I could check in with my therapist on my week. I make sure my relationship with my HP is right through prayer. And as the days pass, I notice that practice makes progress.

  18. Day 2 of working my way through the blog and the topic is Feelings – fun. What do I feel today? Well I feel like acting out, that is what I feel. I have spent the better part of the last few hours thinking about it. But guess what, that is so not in the right frame of mind. What ALWAYS gets me out of it is realizing what I want really. And what I want is not to act out. It is not a quick rendezvous. It is not the 30 minute whatever. What I want is a loving, caring relationship. And I want it to mean something. And I will never get that if I act out. That is what always stops me from doing what I get triggered to do. Should I have not sat in it for 3 hours – Yes. But thank God I did not do anything. My Higher Power was looking out for my tonight. I just want to keep doing what I need to do and move forward. But I need to get out of my head. I need to keep myself out of the picture. I need to think of others more. I need to not allow myself to get caught up in my feelings. Yes, recovery is about feeling your feelings. However, we process them and move on. I need to do that. I love how my life is progressing and I don’t want to mess that up. God please help me to stay on the right path and help to properly feel my feelings and not sit in my feelings too long so that I may stay sober one more day. Good Night.

  19. “Feelings oh feelings” Wow is this not everything my addict wants me to stay away from. It’s funny & even sad how our addict vehemently wants us to live in lies! Just everything around our addiction revolves around lies. When thinking about feelings…I never knew any at all. If it were the opposite, if I knew feelings & truly felt & live through feelings then there is a sure chance that I can operate life in truth. When I realize I am hurt & receive that I am hurt when I saw my mom getting beat then I am more reluctant to take the next step of dealing with that hurt & pain. But if I numb away the pain through addiction I am so far reluctant to ever deal with that hurt & pain. I live in a life of a lie that I can deal with this pain when I have not. So having feelings & living through feelings helps to be a truth teller in our lives that lead to positive change, I believe.

  20. I once heard an AA speaker say, “If you feel you’ve lost touch with your feelings, work the 12 Steps, particularly a 4th Step, and they will get in touch with you.”
    Well, I got into sexual addiction recovery, got a sponsor and started working the 12 Steps. Right near the end of completing my 4th Step (along with around 90 days of complete abstinence) my feelings pulled up in a big Uhaul truck and said, “hello David, we’ve missed you, it’s so good to be back.” What they didn’t say is, “oh, by the way, we’ve been cooped up underneath all this sexual acting out you’ve been doing and, now that we’re out, things are going to get a little nutty for a while.”
    How I wish I could’ve prepared for the rush of feelings that began to overwhelm me, often at the most hilarious times. The anger I had been holding in rather than experiencing and feeling began to “materialize” out of nowhere. I would be basically peaceful and content one moment, than cussing and raging the next. After the flash of anger had come and gone I would stand still, dumbfounded, thinking, “…an alien has truly inhabited my body!” I would be watching television and a commercial that had a family of four – all happy and smiling with the parents looking at their children with love in their eyes would come on during a football game and I would begin to sob uncontrolably.
    While such new experiences with feelings could be both terrifying and hilarious, there were so many new and wonderful feelings and things I was now able to experience as well. Feeling compassion and love well up inside me as another sex addict revealed a difficult struggle or a painful consequence of their acting out. Feeling gratitude and joy for first time in a long time as one sober day followed another. Feelings of contentment and peace replacing feelings of anger, anxiety, fear and chaos as I worked deeper and deeper into the 12 Steps.
    Feelings…oh, oh, feelings. I was terrified of feeling my feelings. Now, slowly but surely, a whole new world of experiences is opening up to me…a world I used to fear so badly that I would act out compulsively in order to not have to feel anything. Today, while my feelings aren’t close friends yet, we’ve reconnected after a long time away from each other and are spending quality time together to catch up on all the lost time.

  21. I met my therapist the morning after my first SAA meeting. I was at my bottom and overwhelmed by emotions, something I had managed to avoid my whole life. I grew up in one of those families that didn’t express feelings. Early in life I absorbed a message that being “emotional” was a sign of weakness. I believed that becoming “emotional” lead to insanity, like a gateway drug leads to hell.
    My therapist had his work cut out for him, so I thought. Our sessions conformed to the traditional structure. I would talk and he would ask how I felt. I expected this and still drew blanks. I quickly learned that starting my response with “I think” didn’t count. Without my cop out analytical response I was mute.
    Undaunted, my therapist introduced me to a game. On a small handheld chalkboard, he wrote down seven feelings. Whenever he wanted to ask me how I felt, he would pull up the chalkboard from the side of his chair and point to it. It was my job to pick one. I always preferred multiple guess questions in school, at first I was guessing as often as not. After a few sessions I began to see a link between one of those feelings and what I was talking about. Eventually, I began to feel my feelings. I became familiar with guilt, shame, sadness, anger, and fear as more than concepts.
    Now, three years later, recognizing and feeling my feelings have become a part of daily life. The fear of being sucked into a whirlpool of uncontrollable emotions has left me. Thanks to therapy, as well as recovery work and my Higher Power, I embrace my feelings rather deny their existence. As a result, I believe and feel that I am a stronger, not a weaker, person.

  22. When I first got into recovery I was running away from my anxiety, fear, emotional bankruptcy, and inner circle behaviour. When I heard “If you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it” I really heard, “if you want to be happy and never feel pain again follow this path”. So I followed the path with every ounce of will power at my disposal. After many 24 hours, meetings, phone calls, step work, and more meetings, etc… I realized that I had it all wrong. I was striving for something that did not exist. Sobriety welcomed me with open arms and it gave me pain, frustration, anger, resentments, fear, and more feelings. It also gave me joy, happeiness, laughter, peace, and serenity. Today sobriety is taking it one day at a time and learning to embrace the uncomfortable feelings. Also learning to enjoy the good feelings. Feelings are like the seasons, they come and go. I don’t have to actout over them.


  23. Feelings Feelings and More Feelings

    To me there are two really important aspects of feelings, the one I am hiding from and the one I am experiencing. Really the whole story of my addiction is about the feelings I am hiding from, the shame of self, or poor self- image which were caused by years of abuse, the result of a broken home, abandonment and violence. The project here is to stop acting out long enough to finally experience these feelings without clouded judgment and with my program in place to help provide clarity.
    The addictive behavior creates so many more feelings that it is impossible to see clearly exactly what I am feeling. The addiction feelings are multifaceted, there are the feelings before I act out, such as the feeling of anticipation, the excitement of uncertainty, then there are the feelings I experience while I am acting out both physical pain and pleasure, the guilt, shame, and again more highs and lows, point being there are too many damn feelings ! Not only is it impossible to see which feelings I am self-medicating from it is also impossible to have any other true focus because there’s so many damn feelings in the way, it’s like a bottleneck!
    The goal for me, is to cut out some of these unnecessary feelings that I have been creating through acting out, and simplify my life so that I can have some clarity to work on the more meaningful issues of self, and the furthering of my goals and the goals that my G-D has yet to reveal to me.
    I pray thy will be mine

  24. I have no idea what to do with my feelings. I used to detach from them. Used to bottle them up and store them, deciding to deal with them later or that they weren’t worth the trouble of proper expression. When there was too much in storage, too much to just ignore, I started “treating” them with “medication” that appeared to make them go away, make me feel better. It was painless for myself and those around me, so obviously it was the better method of coping. That LIE was so sneaky. I so naively believed the lies I had told myself, then to others, that my entire sense of reality was a lie. When the time came and my addict was challenged and proven wrong, I thought I would just get better. I thought it would be easier. I gave up the main source of my struggles, the actions that were ruining my life, and expected to see improvement. Why isn’t this any easier?

    Oh. You mean feelings, that thing I have been avoiding my entire life, I’m supposed to do something with those? I used to have a way with dealing with those pesky feelings. When I finally saw how unhealthy and detrimental that was to the way I really wanted my life to be, I chose to remove ‘acting out’ from my coping skills. Wow. Life is hard. Especially since my ONLY coping skill was no longer applicable. So now, not only must I deal with feelings in the present -the every day, in-my-face, how am I going to react, no longer running and hiding from- feelings, but my storage unit/warehouse of emotions and baggage needed processing and acceptance as well. Program has given me the tools for the job, but you’re telling me I’m supposed to actually USE them? I never got my hands dirty with this stuff before… How am I supposed to now?

    This is about choices. I chose to live life based on a lie. I chose the “bill me later” form of payment when it came to the emotions department. I chose to cancel my credit card because it was putting me further and further into the hole. Now I have a mountain of emotional debt and if I want to ever get rid of it, I have to CHOOSE to accept it and do something about it. No bankruptcy court is going to do it for me. I have to be willing to do whatever it takes. I have to be willing to feel emotions and not be afraid of them. I can’t ignore them and hope they go away. I can’t busy myself as to never have time to deal with them. I can’t cheat myself from life any longer. There is not an easier and softer way. I didn’t realize that I was still looking for one, but not accepting what it means to be healthy and of the living is just as stunting. I thought that by accepting to no longer be an addict, to practice that behavior, by admitting my powerlessness, I was covered. But that is just the first step of the first step. I am the most sober I have ever been in my entire life. I let go of my addiction, now I need to move forward. To do that, I have to pay the piper that is feelings and emotions and coping with them. And I choose to do it right this time.

  25. Feelings is something I have struggled my entire life with. Whatever the feeling I had was cause to act out. Whether i was euphoric over something great or deeply depressed I would act out. Any emotion or feeling I had was cause to act out. Now today writing this I have been sober for 43 days. The longest period ever. And guess what I feel great and so scared. Having to deal with any emotion now is hard. I am writing my history out for my sponsor and that brings up so many feelings of shame over what I have done, anger at my parents and myself and anger at the world. But here I am alone with my feelings and I haven’t acted out. A brother texted me today while I was having my dark thoughts and helped bring me out and back on track. Which included me jumping on my bicycle and riding for 10 miles while listening to an MP3 of a speaker from the SAA conference. Man nothing like sweat and heat to control your feelings and get you back on track. The realization that I know have a network of brothers a sponsor my therapist all there to help me through the dark times is incredible and I can say that I made it through today and I feel good and I feel calm. I am so very grateful to all of you that are helping me on my recovery path.

  26. as someone who is very sensitive my feelings are always on parade . I try to manage my feelings ,and not with any level of control or honesty . when i am close to my higher power my feelings are in harmony . when i feel like i want to act out and the compulsion takes over me my feeling all hide .I like when my thoughts and words and my actions are in alignment there my feelings are real and true .I have come to know that in group i can freely share my feelings and feel comfort with those in the room ,i feel i am in a protected place where my feelings can be free to come out .

  27. Todays reading was powerful and gave me a lot of hope for recovery

    the post about the person who admitted he is a sex addict and did not want to do the work but when he did he had a dramatic improvement in his life

    and the post on the gift were the pain started as a little boy and he asked for help but nobody listened then a miracle happened he found recovery and thanked God for the gift, the gift that changed his life

  28. Feelings, which are part and parcel of the human experience, were to me – so many times – something that I felt that I couldn’t deal with. Beginning with early age emotional trauma, I learned to hide my feelings. Now that I have nearly a month of sobriety, I find that I have to go through the emotion – I can not hide it, put it in a box nor just totally ignore it. I am finally learning to deal with troublesome emotions, which caused acting out. I am grateful that I have begun the process of dealing with all of the emotions…. Otherwise they would come out sideways….which is a pretty ugly thing!

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