Commitments…A Way Of Life

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One word in the english vocabulary that tends to shy people away is the word commitment. While I must say I shunned it most of my adult life, I finally learned to embrace it when I got into recovery. There’s something about it that really got under my skin after I started in the rooms. I guess because it really means so much in a positive manner. I’ve become committed to my higher power, to my recovery, to my marriage, to my sponsees, and to my friends. I gained a whole new perspective on what used to scare me to death. Oh I was committed to my addiction all right, but not nearly as committed as I am to my recovery. Being committed to my recovery allows me to reap rewards of the mind and soul. A commitment to my addiction just got me more chaos. The trade off is not equal whatsoever. Today I choose to be a man of honorable commitments and have watched my life soar with miracles. Thank you Papa.

6 thoughts on “Commitments…A Way Of Life

  1. Commitments….to me a commitment is the highest form of respect and honour. If I make a commitment to be somewhere on time I am respecting the time of the person I am meeting as well as my own.

    Now where my “glitch” came in my recovery and commitment was I by no means respected or honoured myself. I am still working on it and it does not come naturally. But by making commitments to my program, to my sponsor, to my husband I am really making commitments to love myself… not surprising something that does not come naturally to this addict.

    Last week someone from my home group said to me, “Ally, I see that you are really starting to value yourself.” That was truly an amazing compliment that meant so much to me because I am starting to value myself. I am worth the commitment of not acting out one day at a time. Some days the pain is excruciating and I am not sure how I will get through the day without using without numbing out, some days I make it by praying, going to a meeting, making a phone call. Some days I do all those things and I break my commitment and relapse anyway. The beauty of this program is that my brothers and sisters in this program do NOT waiver in their desire to love me unconditionally whether I stick to my commitment or I relapse and that has been ALL the difference is their/YOUR commitment to unconditionally love other suffering addicts.

  2. I never knew what commitment was until I started in my recovery. Oh, I thought I did but I really truly didn’t. I know now as I’ve become committed to my recovery, my kids, my life,my sponsor (even though I have laxed a little), my work, and ESPECIALLY my wife.

  3. “If you have decided you want what we have, and are willing to go to any length to get it…”

    I want it…. and I am committed to make it happen. For me, it is a matter of keeping a promise to myself first, and then to those I love and honor.

    It is not always easy, but it gets easier every day. You can feel the commitments being made by our brothers and sisters in the program, and their strength becomes ours.

    There is a reason we close our meetings with the saying, “Keep coming back, it works if you work it, so work it, you are worth it.”

    That is a commitment I can easily make.

  4. Funny, this is the second time that I have almost gone to bed without posting. I was out walking my dog and got a reminder that I had not posted. I am tired and I want to go to sleep, however, I made a commitment to myself that I would post on this blog every night as a healthy use of my computer and I don’t want to miss even one day and take it for granted. That is why I am choosing this topic on which to share tonight: Commitment. I did not always follow through on my commitments, but today I can and do. And if I cannot do something, I say I cannot do something instead of pretending I either did it or pretending I can do it because my ego says that I have to be perfect and present to the world that I can do everything and be everything. So for today my commitment to my recovery is to use this blog as a reminder to me about my program. I am going to keep it short because I am tired. Another part of my program is to take care of myself and I need to get to bed on time to satisfy that part of my program. Commitment to healthy living, but that is another topic.

  5. Commitment – This word used to scare me. Today it does not. Today it means that I can be held accountable to myself and to others for things that I need to do. And the outcome is going to always help to make me a stronger and better person because I followed through on the commitment. But commitment is also broader and deeper and at the same time more general. It is a whole attitude about how I look at my program. Just tonight I was looking at how many meetings I go to each week in each of my fellowships and where I can cut back so that I can get some other things accomplished. But I realized in so doing that I cannot cut back on some things. I need to stick with what works. I need to stick with the commitment to do certain things on a daily and weekly basis that have kept me sober thus far. This is my commitment to my recovery and to myself. I like where my life is going and I like who I have become. And this is all because of my program, my Higher Power and the work that I have been doing and the commitment that I have made. So I am going to continue to do what I have been doing each day, why not. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right?

  6. I was always able to commit to business tasks to some degree, but committing to other personal matters was another thing entirely. It seems, in my addiction, I used people, manipulated them, rather than treat them honestly and fairly. I thought that was the only way I could get what I needed.
    Now I feel that commitment is a spiritual thing, not tied up with getting what you want or giving something – it is a promise to yourself to speak with integrity. To honor yourself and others by doing what you say you will do. It is how we make ourselves better, more empathic, more compassionate and loving. By giving the gift of commitment to others, we make a great spiritual gift to our own higher selves.

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