What does that mean? Does it mean we go to any length for our recovery at all times with tenacity to overcome anything that life throws at you? Growing into a person that can do anything. With the help of God Almighty, all things are possible. There is nothing as human beings we can’t do. He gave all of us the ability to conquer our fears of what’s holding us back. Being RELENTLESS means never giving up on yourself or the activities you are working on. Digging deep into your step work. Keep up your morning ritual. Do your Steps 10,11, & 12. Be available for all who need your assistance if you can. Thinking of others first as God would have you do. Doing the next right thing at all times. Being rigorously honest. Growing into the man you never thought you could become, then becoming that man. Then becoming that person. That’s being RELENTLESS. Be RELENTLESS.

4 thoughts on “Being RELENTLESS in your RECOVERY

  1. I never saw myself answering one of my own TOPICS. However tonight I was inspired to write. God was wondering why I hadn’t written before. So now seemed to be the right time. I’m on a RECOVERY site, called SOBERGRID where I offer RECOVERY COACHING sessions to people PRO BONO. That was God’s choice. Since I work for God – that was now my choice. Obviously choosing well by following God’s lead has only made me a better person by far. Papa I love you for that GIFT. Today I had a “client” we’ll call him Bob. Bob was new to recovery, two years or so and with chronic relapses. Bob called me yesterday morning after going to bed slightly intoxicated, waking up to a new vigor for life. I told him, “Bob all you need to do was “GET SOBER.” Getting sober, Bob could do. Staying sober Bob wasn’t able to do. So we approached Bob this way. Since your an EXPERT at getting sober. “Get SOBER” today. So Bob did that today. He “Got SOBER.” Tomorrow Bob’s goal is to “GET SOBER.”
    Not stay sober, but get sober all over again. I think through out the years that the program of AA has been in effect people have lost sight of the GOAL of RECOVERY. GET SOBER. Not stay sober. GET SOBER. People I think have put so much weight on STAYING SOBER that they have forgotten the most important conversation, “JUST FOR TODAY.”

    This brings me back to Bob. The goal that I have Bob focusing on is very black and white, “GET SOBER.” Don’t focus on anything else. Actually HYPERFOCUS on “GET SOBER” that’s it. Nothing else. No thinking about what tomorrow may be or next month, just the moment in front of his face. You want to hear something crazy? He did it. Just for today. Tomorrow he’ll have a new GOAL… “GET SOBER.” Sound familiar ???

    The truth is it works if you do it one day at a time, one moment at a time during the time you’re awake.

  2. So glad this webpage is still up. It took me ten years of relapses to finally get to this moment of 2 years and 4 months of sobriety. The first few years I was relentless about “just showing” up no matter what. Now I am relentless about using my tools so I don’t relapse.

    Right now I have been struggling with shame. Shame was a huge trigger that used to put me right back out there, so not an option but what to do with all those feelings.

    • And Ally we are so blessed that your heart is still connected to this page. Your love has been a vital part of showing others what persistence stands for. You have never given up on your self and your words are poetic justice to that claim.

      God bless you,

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