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When we feel bad physically we go to the doctor for a checkup. When our recovery is a little lax is good to do a check up from the neck up. Going back to the basics is what has worked for me in jump starting a relaxed recovery. Sometimes I feel blue. Sometimes I feel disconnected from my program and sometimes I feel that I’ve spiritually lost my connection. I’ve learned there are tools I have that assist me in getting back on course. Getting back to the basics is what keeps me in sobriety, one day at a time. If I feel blue I turn to my gratitude list and remember the ten most important things for me. When I feel disconnected from my program I get on the phone and make as many calls as I can in order to speak to three people. It has been suggested in the “Tools of Recovery” text to make at least 3 calls a day. I highly recommend this. The good conversations can really get you out of your head and stop those disconnected feelings. And when I’m feeling a little out of sorts spiritually, I spark up a good conversation with my higher power. One of the best things I know is He’s always there to listen. Afterwards I feel His guidance, love and light. A very fulfilling experience and one that makes me smile. Now I know you might say, “That’s great, it works for you.” Well, these basics tools do work for me. That’s why I suggest them to all my sponsees when they are feeling out of sorts with their program. Who knows it could work for you. Give it a try and I meet you in sobriety. TyF.

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  1. Back to basics for me is quite simply “One Day at a Time” PERIOD. I get very caught up with time, the past, the future, my abstinences day count anything but the present. Usually I try to share my ESH on this site but this post is going to be mostly my experience because I feel very little strength and hope right now.

    After 48 days of continuous abstinence from my bottom lines I made a phone call to a previous acting out partner, it was a basic “normal” phone call, “Hey how are you, how have things been in the last 48 days” but I have to remember I am not exactly normal, I am an addict and by that slip of a phone call I was setting myself up for a full blown relapse.

    Of course nothing has changed, and see well I am an addict and my sanity has not be quite restored yet so I think I can do the same things and get different results. The difference this time is the way I used my basics to fight this slip. I was making phone calls like a mad woman. I am doing service to the program, am doing my reading, I am praying (this area does need work for me) I did slow down on my meetings and I do see how that impacted my mood, resilience. BUT, 48 is just a number the only number I need to worry about is 24…… Twenty four hours of just right now. Just do the next right thing for right now. My sponsor hit me with some tough love this time and said, “Well you have got this phone call for your pity pot session and then get the hell off of it and move forward.” That was probably one of the best things he could have told me because for once I actually listened and I am accepting that I am not at my very first day in this rooms just because I am back on my first day of absence off of these set of bottom lines I have right now. He reminded me how much this addict has grown and back to basics for that I am grateful!

  2. I have not gotten back to the basics as I am still in the BASICS. I don’t consider myself a graduate as of yet.

    I keep a very simplistic way of doing things, a checklist of sorts. I call my sponsor, I read my books, and I talk with my wife.

    Although, I had a slip I feel I am back on the path right from where I left off.

    The K.I.S.S. method works for me Keep It Simple Stupid

  3. Back to Basics. Well I have had Back to Basic Training. Or at least I thought I had. I thought that I could glide by based upon my intelligence and my inpatient treatment. In some ways I was like “Back to Basics, been there, done that.” And that’s the trap. I got complacent with the basics. I thought “I’ve done Basic Training”. I am ready for advanced stuff, having gone to in patient and having been through the 5th step, lying all the way. I guess I thought that the basics were for others — which I was on to advanced training. No matter how hard I’ve tried to fool myself, I now am beginning to see that there really is no recovery for me that will last without a continuous, daily exercise of the Basics.

    Truth is, skipping and glossing over the basics was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made. I believe it was a big contributor to my relapses. Today I try to embrace the basics, everyday, as consistently as a person coming out of the insanity and confusion of active addiction can. It’s not perfect adherence, but it is something that I now put first in my recovery each day. Here are some of the basics for me: 1) I call my sponsor every morning at the same time each day; 2) I try to read my recovery literature every day; 3) I try to journal every day; and 4) I read my gratitude list every night before I go to bed. I still need to make more calls. The difference with this basic consistency (I am probably at about 75% consistency right now) is making a very important change in the strength of my recovery. I feel a foundation beginning to build. It’s this basic training, this preparation for each day; this consistent effort that I believe is really beginning to pay off. I am at 37 days for the first time in my life.

  4. Tonight I just opened up the site and pointed to a month and this is what I got. But the funny thing is I was talking about this very topic just an hour ago with my sponsee. Getting back to basics has been a mainstay of my program over these past few years. If every I relapsed, or felt like I was in a really bad place, I usually am overwhelmed with feelings and don’t know what to do or where to turn or even want to deal with anything. So, what do I do and how do I proceed? I go back to basics. I go to my meetings, I make my phone calls, I call my sponsor, I do my step work, I do all the things that I was taught to do every day. I just do them regardless of how I feel or if I want to or not. And I just do what is suggested of me to do. And what inevitably happens is I start to feel better. I start to get clarity. I start to get hope. It always works. And it always surprises me how fast it works. That is one of the great things about this program. I can turn myself around anytime I want to just by changing how I work my program and it usually involves getting back to basics. What a great concept and a great tool for my took box that I will continue to rely upon and I am sure that I will need it from time to time.

  5. You know, I can tell that I have a lot going on. I remembered today something that I was supposed to pick up last Monday that was a going to be a birthday present for a friend. Her birthday is tomorrow. Now it will be late. The reason I did not remember to pick it up is because I have been doing so much and I have not even looked at my calendar list of follow ups once in the past week. I normally look at that list everyday to ensure that I am not missing anything due that day. That is a huge warning sign that I am getting overwhelmed. It is amazing, considering the fact that I am not even working right now. But I have a lot of things on my plate and I need to slow some things down and make sure that I don’t let this get the best of me. Later this week I go back north for the weekend and to visit people I have not seen in 4 years. Plus I am going to where I used to live before I was in recovery. This combined with these feelings over being overwhelmed make me think that I need to get back to some basics for the time being. I need to get some more phone calls in. I need to get my step work done. I have been afraid to do some of the things that I needed to do, but I need to do it and move on. I need to hit my meetings. I need to talk to my sponsor and to my sponsees. I need to take care of myself. And I need to make sure that I am not trying to do too much before I go so that I am not overwhelmed. I need to be rested and relaxed and have a good foundation for this trip. So basics are the order of the day, or should I say week.

  6. Right now I am very tired and need to get to bed. But I do know that going into the next few weeks I need to stick to my basics of the program. Making calls, doing my step work, talking to my sponsor, posting my blogs and praying. This is what is going to get me through these next few weeks since I will not be able to get to a meeting. I have been praying to my Higher Power to be with me as I go through this and He has taken the fear away that I have had. So for the next few weeks I will continue to do what I have been shown to do and will take the suggestions that I have been given.

  7. I need to get back to basics. But in this case I am referring to the basics of my life. For the past three weeks I have been living with no structure and it is starting to affect me. I did not realize until today how much I need structure in my life and how much it is part of my recovery as well. Even my prayer time is based around the structure of my routine. Unfortunately a big part of my day to day routine is based on exercise which I cannot do right now nor will be able to do for several weeks. So I need to figure out how to get this routine back without the exercise. I am working on that and will have that in place so that I can approach the coming week with a better routine more like what I had before my surgery. This will allow me to stay on track and to get my praying back on track. It will help me to get my feelings back in check because right now I feel unsettled not being in my daily routine. I don’t like this feeling and I need to get back to the calm and serenity that I had. I have been anxious and bored and stir crazy and lonely: not all good combinations. So I will work on the routine, pray for help, work in some recovery work, focus on my volunteer work and ask my Higher Power to stay by my side so that I am not lonely. I need to move through this period and get to the other side because before I know it I will be working out again and it will all be worth it. For now I need to remember how wonderful everything is and how great it has been to even have been able to lose the weight and have the ability to have this surgery and the means to have it and the support from my mother and some friends. So I don’t want to get stuck in my head about it. I am telling myself this as I write. Not getting enough sleep does not help, but it is a fact that I just have to deal with. So I will do as I said above and turn everything over to my Higher Power and do the work that I know I need to do and I should be ok.

  8. Tonight is one of those nights where I just opened up the site and just randomly chose a month and am posting on whatever is in that month. Funny how the topic that came up is exactly where I am. That is how my Higher Power works for me sometimes. Back to Basics is exactly where I am right now. I am just coming through a period of several weeks where I was struggling to get my basics going because I was completely out of sync with my routine. I did what I could and kept talking about it with my sponsor and other people in the program. I tried different things at home to change my routines to compensate for the things that I was not doing at the time that were throwing off my schedule. But all of that is not an issue anymore because I am back to my old schedules and my old routines are falling right back into place and those basics are falling right back into place. From the first day of being back in my old routine I felt great. I could feel the serenity and peace already. That’s what I get from working a consistent program and praying to my Higher Power everyday and that is what was missing over these past few weeks. So I know what I need to do, stay consistent and keep those basics going.

  9. I need to get back to basics. I can see here that I have posted on this topic many times. Now I need to actually put it to use. I have been allowing my life to take over and not doing enough to take care of myself spiritually. As a result my life has started to become unmanageable. Funny how that works. I know that when I work a good program, the serenity and peace are there. And even though I may have a lot going on, I still feel at peace. Right now I do not have that feeling. I am feeling anxious and slightly overwhelmed and that is not good for me at all. I need to be sure that I stick with what I know. Praying every day, doing my step work, my sponsor has asked me to pick up on my reading again, making more phone calls, making more meetings. I need to do this for me. It is about getting back to basics. If I make the time to do this, I think I will find that I have the time to do the other things. Right now I find that I don’t have the time to do anything, but that is because I am a little out of sorts. And I need to remember that I have put a lot of work into myself and my relationships. And even though I may have just a few friends right now and that it seems lonely at times, that there are good things to come. I have been working on myself so that I can be ready for whatever lies ahead. As long as I do what I need to do today, my Higher Power will put in front of me tomorrow what needs to be there tomorrow. I need to continue to share about how I am feeling and doing so that I can work through this time. I want to move forward not backward.

  10. I’m still in the basics – working through Steps 6 and 7. So for me, back to the basics is going back to Steps 1 and 2! Reminding myself that I am powerless against my addiction, remembering all the terrible consequences in my life and others that occurred because of it, and admitting that my life was out of control I don’t want to go back to those days. Remembering these basics, and that the next steps were, after admitting my helplessness, to turn over my life to my Higher Power, knowing that He can help me in ways that I could never help myself. Back to basics – going back through the steps that got me to steps 6 and 7. Lots of progress to be thankful for!

  11. Back to basics is really a daily event for me. My mind wanders so quickly I can get caught up in negative feelings which lead to anxiety. This anxiety makes me want to find a relief and before you know it, I’m doing inner circle activities. Picking up the phone and calling someone is so difficult for me. I always feel better when I do, but it’s still so hard. Fortunately, reading the Big Book and Answers in the Heart has been helpful. Knowing that God is always close by is so comforting. Each day, I try to “give it up to God” and let him be in charge. I read a church marquee that said, “If God is your co-pilot, you’re in the wrong seat.”

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