Wow, RECOVERY 2021. This is a topic that brings a great smile to my face. After a tough year with COVID-19 in 2020… People have begun moving forward with the advent of the ZOOM meetings. This link has been monumental in my daily SOBER life.

As meetings fell apart due to COVID. We never slid into a rut, we mastered a new avenue to have a healthy, enriching meeting online on ZOOM. I can’t thank enough my CALIFORNIA brothers who put this project together. You guys are my heart and soul of recovery now. As I’ve moved forward a week to week and month to month with new faces and fellows. I’ve been able to garner new sponsees and more meetings in my weekly routine.

We have been able as a group, to keep each other supported, educated, and spiritually invested in each other’s recovery. This has been a blessing for so many. I urge each and everyone to come back to this site weekly to start to enrich themselves with the support that others have left so willingly. The idea is to start at the beginning of the blog in May 2008 and work your way forward sharing on each topic that inspires you. Your shares will possibly permanently help others and you never know the grace you have given.

Please feel free to start sharing today and make it a daily habit to stay connected to RECOVERY.