Step Ten…Perseverance

Wow…we’ve made it to step ten. A milestone in our recovery, but not nearly the end. Step ten introduced me to the spiritual housecleaning of the steps. I was forever beholden to my Higher Power in search of speaking the truth in all matters and if I did not then I had to promptly admit my wrong doing and correct my actions. A tall order but one that I willfully accepted. This is the base for the spiritual healing. Step eleven and twelve are the two other steps that solidify the spiritual portion of the steps. It was an honor for me to be at this point in my recovery and one that I work on keeping as rigorously as possible. The steps are about the honesty we bring to the table and how much I share that depends on how honest I’m being with myself. It’s the perseverance that keeps me in check. I look forward to all of my sponsees coming to this place in their recovery so they too can learn the freedom from the honesty they bring to the table. God bless you all.

The Gift of Giving

This time of year always brings me to tears for the love of giving. In my addiction my self talk was always, “What’s in it for me?” never thinking about others in the world, only about my selfish needs. I could be heard saying, “It’s all about me.” Thankfully for my higher power today I hear the needs of others and offer assistance whenever possible. Recovery has taught me to look outside of myself and lend a helping hand. Whether it’s support for my wife or a suffering addict, God has shed His light on me and has blessed me with listening to others. I now hear, whereas before I heard nothing at all. I see now whereas before I was blinded by my own selfish wants. Today, my will is not my own, I follow a higher calling which has taught me to sacrifice my own desires in order to help others. I can’t thank my Higher Power enough for this gift. He has shown me that the rewards are worth more than gold when I help someone else and now I share my gift with all who follow me. Thank you Papa