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What does that mean? Does it mean we go to any length for our recovery at all times with tenacity to overcome anything that life throws at you? Growing into the person that can do anything. With the help of God Almighty, all things are possible. There is nothing as human beings we can’t do. He gave all of us the ability to conquer our fears of what’s holding us back. Being RELENTLESS means never giving up on yourself or the activities you are working on. Digging deep into your step work. Keeping up your morning ritual. Doing your Steps 10,11, & 12. Be available for all who need your assistance if you can. Thinking of others first as God would have you do. Doing the next right thing at all times. Being rigorously¬†honest. Growing into the man you never thought you could become, then becoming that man. Then¬†becoming that person.That’s being RELENTLESS. Be RELENTLESS.