What’s SOBRIETY means after all these years of going the distance.

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Today, it’s May 17th, and as I look back on all the years of comments and shares I’ve realized that this site has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people around the globe.

I thank the Almighty for His gift that He has put upon me to be a guide in this journey. Without His assistance and guidance, my world would have come crashing down years ago. Now that I’m in my 15th year of recovery with 14.6 years of sobriety I can truly say it’s been an unbelievable ride. – Not that I’m done by any stretch.

What God has shown me over the years is how He handles all the little things in my life which amounts to everything. For example, this year I was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. – I don’t recommend it as an “Off the Shelf” purchase, you be better off in jail and having to wait for a parol date. For me, it’s been a blessing in disguise. Some of you might wonder why I could even have such a notion. Read on and I’ll explain why.

Back in my active days of addiction, I had no conscious, no cares as to what or to whom I was hurting. It was all about the “What’s in it for me clause” Today…Whoa – I can’t even believe the amount of goodness that God has bestowed upon me. From the ability to share my feelings to the hobby that ignites my heart every day I participate. It’s all LOVE. It’s all GOD. I’ve been thoroughly blessed. I know now that there are no walls that hold me back from anything. I can do and excel in everything.

My recovery has been the saving grace of more than just me. My wife, my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle all benefitted from it. It is truly the gift that keeps on Giving. Papa, thank you for your GRACE on me and everyone else you helped. Let those who find you rejoice in a life well-lived.



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What does that mean? Does it mean we go to any length for our recovery at all times with tenacity to overcome anything that life throws at you? Growing into the person that can do anything. With the help of God Almighty, all things are possible. There is nothing as human beings we can’t do. He gave all of us the ability to conquer our fears of what’s holding us back. Being RELENTLESS means never giving up on yourself or the activities you are working on. Digging deep into your step work. Keeping up your morning ritual. Doing your Steps 10,11, & 12. Be available for all who need your assistance if you can. Thinking of others first as God would have you do. Doing the next right thing at all times. Being rigorously honest. Growing into the man you never thought you could become, then becoming that man. Then becoming that person.That’s being RELENTLESS. Be RELENTLESS.

What Really are the Twelve Steps For?

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As it states in the Big Book of AA which is the ONLY book that I follow and is truly what all this anonymous work started from, it clearly says that “We alcoholics or addicts are UNDISCIPLINED. So we let God discipline us in the simple way we have just outlined.” If you read this far you are in Step Eleven. The next chapter is Chapter 7, “WORKING WITH OTHERS” or Step Twelve. So working the steps get us to a spiritual place where all we do in all affairs is see how we can help the next human being in any manner they may need. So in a sense, the whole purpose of the Steps is to grow into a human being that cares for others.

On page 77, line 4 it states, “Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.” I like that line so much I had it tattooed on my wrist. To me, it epitomized our purpose of what the Steps meant. The simple truth is the step allow us to grow into the human beings that society respects and we respect them. Not every person we meet will be full of happiness and joy, for them, we pray that they find a source of joy in their lives before their demise. It’s sad to see unhappy, discontent, people. Unfortunately, they live in our society. For the most part. People are happy and satisfied with their lot in life.

For the addict that still suffers, the Steps act like parents who had a good moral compass and instructions to live a loving and virtuous life. The first three steps are about God and how we interact with Him. Steps 4 for through 9 are about us and how we have lived our lives and the instructions for cleaning up those lives. Cleaning up our side of the street as it’s put. Step 10 through 12 are known as the maintenance Steps which we do every day to keep our recovery program intact. So to answer the question, “What really are the twelve steps for? To me and others who have gone through them, it means a new life, a clean life, a happy joyous life at that. Lastly, on page 164, the last two sentences say it all. “We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. May God bless you and keep you – until then.”

When There Seems Like No Way Out Of Our Addiction

In the last year, I’ve lost a friend to this heinous disease. He took his own life. It was a nightmare for him, his wife and 5 young children. He felt there was no way out. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say the thought hadn’t crossed my mind a dozen or so times in my early years. However, there was feeling down deep in my heart that let me know that that way out was not the way I wanted to go. I wanted passionately to have a rich full life, full of love, laughter and joy. I wasn’t willing to let the disease zap all my faith in my God and the fact that every day that I followed His way of living brought me one step closer to the reality I so desperately seek.

Once I learned that I had a God given purpose and what that was all the world had changed in my views. The reality of doing the steps brought me closer to my God. I was no longer captive to my FEARS, RESENTMENTS or HARMS. I had God on my side and as long as I stuck close to Him, any and all dismay in my life had cease to control me. I had God I could turn over everything to. No matter what the issue He was there for me. He would show me other ways to think, live and help others and feel the joy of participating once again in life. So when there seems like there is no way out of our addiction, I always urge my sponsees to look to see where the relationship with the God of their own understanding is at. Are they near or far from, Him, Her, or It. The closer we are to that power the better our lives become. There is a way out of our disease. There is a solution. It’s in a power greater than ourselves as it states in the title of Chapter 2 in the AA Big Book. Know God, Know Peace – No God , No Peace. Choose wisely for God is free for all who seek Him, Her or It.

I Am Not My Addiction

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I am an addict, specifically, I am a Sex Addict. That doesn’t mean I’m bad person or that I always do the wrong thing. It doesn’t mean I’m a Sex Offender or a Rapist. Being a sex addict only means I have a sexual addiction. I am not my addiction. My addiction does not identify me, I identify it as a disease of mine. I use to believe that I was a terrible person, who did terrible things and for that I was a very bad person. I use to believe that my addiction identified me… I was this overly sexual person who hid in the shadows, lied, cheated and hurt those closest to me.

What recovery has taught me, through God’s grace, is that I have a disease that has a life of it’s own. One friend of mine explained it like having a “bad roommate in my head.” That basically describes how I view “my addict” like a roommate who rents space in my head… When I see a beautiful woman, it sees a play toy. That’s not right. But I acknowledge the addict thinking in my brain. It has a mind of it’s own. Thank goodness today I don’t have to listen the voice in my head. It’s just a thought that I hear. Like all thoughts I hear in my head. The difference is these thoughts that my addict in my head tells me are ALWAYS lies. They are never the truth. They tell me I’m a bad person, I have no self-worth, no energy to stay in recovery. These are lies my addict wants me to believe. Thankfully, God has the POWER to relieve me of my addict thinking. I lets me know I’m loved, have self worth and I’m a good person that just has a disease. Just like a diabetic…I use the drugs that the doctor’s give me to put my diabetes into remission. Just like God has the POWER to keep my addiction in remission as well as long as I stick close to him and do His work by helping other addict throughout the day. Therefore I’m not my addiction. I’m a good human with a disease.

“Recovery” Is A Verb, Not A Noun

The one thing I’ve learned in all these years is that the word, RECOVERY is not a NOUN, it’s a VERB. Recovery is an action word. It means action. The point from where you are to the point of where you want to be. Recovery takes effort, not a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday type of effort. Rather a 24 / 7 effort. If your awake. Effort is needed. If your asleep you only get a reprieve until you wake the next day. The truth is we addicts aren’t the same as common folk. We’re addicts, through and through. So effort is needed to do the work that is needed to keep our heads above water. Willingness is the next ingredient, without it, you’ll never go anywhere. Ask all the addicts that still are on the lamb. They’ll be the first to tell you they gave up and didn’t have the willingness to go forward to do the work necessary to reach their goals.

I like to say that the people I know with any time in sobriety had the ingredients to bake the cake of success. They were willing to go to any length for their recovery. Just like a wild cat in the woods will do anything to survive in the wild. So must I put my recovery first in all areas of my life. As it says in the AA Big Book in “How it Works”, we must follow these principles in all of our affairs.

Intimacy … The Communication Between People

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In my addiction the language of communication was at best non-existent. I lost the ability to talk to those I was closest with. My wife had become a total stranger. My friends hadn’t heard from me in days or weeks. I had isolated myself into a “cage of hell.” I feigned illness to stay home from work to act out. I had lied to my friends and wife so often I couldn’t decipher the truth from the frauds. I was essentially “walking dead.”

Thankfully, sobriety changed my life. Instead of being ashamed of my actions talking to either sex, I had turned a corner and was on a new path called recovery. No longer did I fear talking to people without the usual come-ons. God had saved me from the humiliation that I had ended up in on more than one occasion. I had learned that people were human beings to be respected and valued. They were no longer objects for my insane sexual appetite. Not only was I learning how to respect myself, I was learning to have respect for others as well.

In recovery I learned how to communicate with everyone, young, old, male or female, gay or straight, any culture and any race. By taking the time to listen to others and share my feelings I was creating meaningful relationships with people.  Once again I was sharing myself openly and honestly. Friends were calling me again and I them. My wife and I were speaking intimately more and more often. I liken this to being reborn into life, one moment and one day at a time. I was living the steps of recovery in my life and it showed.

Now fast forward to today, 8 years later recovery has brought me more meaningful relationships than I could have ever imagined. I’m so blessed that I sponsor others who share their intimate thoughts and feelings with me, which make me grow. What a gift. God bless you all. Thank you Papa.

Step 2 : Moving on With Hope

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I’m in my eighth year of program and I marvel every day that this power, this great power surrounds me that I fondly call Papa. In the beginning of my journey my sponsor asked me to put aside what I was told about my religious upbringing and look at this Higher Power thing from a more spiritual angle. I’m glad he suggested that. I was a firm believer in this spiritual energy since I was sixteen and held it close to me through out my years. It wasn’t difficult for me to accept that this great power could restore me to sanity. That was how I began my journey of recovery.

With my Higher Power watching over me all my waking hours I know I’m not alone in the spiritual sense. “Papa” as I foundly call Him has shaped my life to the level it is at today. There have been tough times to go through when I refuse to listen to His suggestions and great times as He kept reassuring me that the path I was on was true and correct.

Thomas Edison once said, “If there’s a way to do it better…find it.” When I read that I heeded His message and worked at changing my life for the better. One hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction I was to go. I already knew the path I was on was not getting me any rewards I could be proud of and I knew that if I had the hope to rely on my HP, that He would and could change my life. Hence, my journey began.

In The Beginning…Understanding Step 1

When I first got into program, I was asked if I believed that my life was unmanageable and was I powerless over my disease. I thought about it a long time and reviewed my life…Well let’s see, I had gotten to watching porn every free moment I had, I was cross dressing and going to adult theaters to prostitute myself and I was doing dangerous drugs to intensify the high. Nah, I wasn’t powerless nor was my life unmanageable. Doesn’t every red blooded male act out this way? I couldn’t believe how far down the scale of sanity I had gone. I was totally insane. I truly thought that dressing up as a woman was my future. I thought that becoming a prostitute was my calling and having anonymous sex in the theater was to be my livelihood.

Where was my reality…? How rational was my thinking. My life had truly become unmanageable and I had no way of stopping myself from acting out. This was when I admitted that I powerless over my sex addiction and my life had become unmanageable. I had bills to pay, a room to clean, clients to do work for and all my mind could process was,”…where was my next high coming from? Fortunately for me, I hadn’t lost my job, I didn’t lose my marriage or contract any STD’s or worse yet, AIDS.

God had saw to it that I was to have a breakthrough emotionally, spiritually and psychologically and demanded that I start taking care of myself. Additionally, I was to spread the word of God and share with others the miracles that had kept me alive; all by His grace. Today, I understand that I’m only a second away from being brought back to the insanity if I’m not vigilant and keep my spiritual condition intact. My God, of my understanding, which has all power, wisdom and guidance to keep me free from my insanity, one blessed moment at a time. And for His grace I humbly pay for His love with actions that support the next addict, one addict at a time. Thank you Papa

The Two Things That Keep Me Sober


As I have kept myself sober there are two things that hold me together. Now, you’ve got to understand, I’m just another Bozo on the bus, cow in the herd, or more succinctly, another lemon on the tree of life. However, as I have walked this path of mine it is clear that two “its” are at cause. Just think of them like Dr. Seuss would have, as “It 1” and “It 2” , and it’s because of each of them that I am sober today. 


“It 1” we will say is because of my Higher Power. No, that’s not right. It is my HP. Without Him or my spiritual condition I most likely would have become a psychopath. By His grace I am not an insane person today. In my years I have felt His warm hands hold and nurture me, give me guidance, love and support. It is He who has the power to arrest my disease one day at a time. Trust me, left to my own devices there would be mayhem and possible murder. But I have a secret, not really. I have a gift of doing His will instead of my own… My will is what got me in the rooms in the beginning. Bad will, bad will. His will, being lived, is a life of fulfillment, love and fellowship. Sharing His will with others and supporting the addict who still suffers is the glue that holds me together. His will and spirit are clearly defined in the Big Book. So I have a game plan just like every winning SuperBowl team. I have a guide book that Bill W. wrote for all of us, about suffering from the disease of selfishness and self-centeredness. His gift to me is my bible that I look at on a daily basis to guide me on my journey. And it’s through my HP that the words have meaning. 

Now “It 2” is as important as my HP. “It 2” are the Steps that are contained in the Big Book. Step 1 thru Step 12. All of which support my God conscious mind. Now we all know that Bill W. was divinely inspired when he wrote the Big Book. The evidence is too strong not to believe that, and besides, where else could you find a formula so compelling that it shifts people’s lives on a daily basis. I’m not a hard sell, a little insane in the past, but not a hard sell. So I have journeyed down this path of the Twelve Steps and a true inspirational miracle occurred, I was relieved of my compulsion to act out. Yes sir… Up and gone. Today I live as a man changed in thinking, acting, speaking, seeing and hearing. A simple conversation, I was reborn. The steps, worked honestly, diligently and without remorse, have generated a psychic change in my life. These steps can change a man from acting and living as a selfish and self-centered juvenile to a man of character, heart and soul, evidenced by his actions to assist others of his kind on a daily basis. Away from delusion, dishonesty and chaos, this work has fulfilled my life with the spiritual energy to overcome things that used to baffle me. Today, because of “It1” & “It 2” I live a life happy, joyous and free of my disease. May God bless you on your journey as He has blessed me. Thank you Papa.